U2B Unbalanced to Balanced converter (active DI Box)

Active DI Box, U2B Unbalanced to Balanced converter
U2B. Active DI-box. Convert unbalanced signals to balanced.
This is a simple, active converter (transformerless) that takes an Unbalanced signal and converts it to Balanced while also offering an independent THRU output so that you still have the unbalanced input signal available for any further use. The device is suitable for instrument level or line level signals as well.

A volume knob is available for the Balanced output that ranges from Mute (at min) up to unity gain (at max).

A high input impedance and low output impedance ensures that your signal will be routed to the interconnected devices without any tone loss and preserving its original fidelity even if you use long cables.

You can power the device with a DC Voltage ranging from 9V to 24V. Please do not connect phantom power to the XLR output or it might lead to circuit damage. Although the capacitors of the XLR output can withstand the 48V of the phantom power for a short period of time, leaving the phantom power ON for long periods can eventually cause damage.

▹  Input impedance: 10MΩ
▹  THRU Output impedance: 100Ω
▹  Balanced output impedance: 200Ω
▹  Voltage required: 9-24V DC [ don’t exceed 24V ]
▹  Polarity: Center negative
▹  Current consumption: 8mA @ 9V
▹  Available Headroom vs Power supply: 7Vpp@9V, 10Vpp@12V, 22Vpp@24V
▹  Enclosure dimensions: 114x60x32mm (4.43x2.38x1.22in)
▹  Weight: ~170gr