dpFX Warranty Policy
dpFX offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty (as long as we’re in business) for the electronic parts of our pedals, given that the device was not abused in any way (e.g. use wrong power supply, wrong polarity etc.).

The warranty covers problems related to the function or operation of the pedals due to faulty electronic parts and/or problems related to workmanship. Client assumes shipping costs to and from dpFX's workshop.

Due to the hand-painted nature of our products: colors, styles, and designs may vary. Any naturally occurring flaws on the finish or the paint-job are not covered by warranty.
Warranty doesn't cover things such as broken knobs, switches, footswitches, pots and jacks due to abuse.
Problems caused by unauthorized modifications aren't covered by warranty.

We will, though, repair problems that do not fall within warranty for labour, parts + shipping costs. If you have a non-working dpFX product please contact us and we’ll try to give you the best possible solution.

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