Artists that have trusted dpFX
Below there is a list with some of the bands and artists that have trusted dpFX's products & services and that we would like to TRULLY THANK thank for support us from the first moment.

The list is in alphabetic order (roughly) and we want to apologize if the list is not 100% complete. We'll try to keep it update.

1000mods // fb | bc 1000mods logo
2 Headed Dogs // fb | bc 2 Headed Dogs logo
45RATS // fb | bc 45Rats logo
Chronoboros // fb | bc Chronoboros logo
Concerto Grosso // fb | bc concerto grosso logo
Cosmic Plunge // fb | bc comsic plunge logo
CRAANG // fb | bc CRAANG logo
CRESHNA // fb | bc creshna logo
Devil Flower Mantis // fb | bc Devil Flower Mantis logo
Dr. Awkward & The Screws // fb | bc Dr. Awkward & The Screws logo
Drog A Tek // fb | web Drog A Tek logo
 Felony Case // fb | web felony case logo
Instant Boner // fb | bc instant boner logo
KEMEROV // fb | bc kemerov logo
Ladybug // insta
Ledge Fortcher // fb | bc  Ledge Fortcher logo
LoKa and The Moonshiners // fb | bc
Lunarmare // fb | bc  
Minorfase // fb | bc minorfase logo
Mock the Mankind // fb | bc  mock the mankind logo 
Mother Mooch // fb | bc
NAXATRAS // fb | bc Naxatras logo
Purple Dino // fb | bc Purple Dino logo
Rendeece // fb | bc Rendeece logo
Sadhus, The Smoking Community // fb | bc Sadhus, the smoking community logo
Small Hours Society // fb | bc small hours society logo
Smokin' Basement // fb | bc smokin' basement logo
Spine Chilling Breeze // fb | bc spine chilling breeze logo
The MJTs // fb | sc
TUBER // fb | bc Tuber logo
Villagers of Ioannina City // fb | bc Villagers of Ioannina City logo well as other musicians, some of them listed below: