Attenuator & Booster 2in1 (+30dB)

Attenuator & Booster 2in1 (+30dB)
2in1: a volume Attenuator and a Booster housed together in a single enclosure. Both circuits are active. *** Attenuator specifications ***
The active circuit consists of an input buffer, a volume attenuator controlled by the potentiometer and an output buffer. This way it picks up the audio signal without degrading or coloring it no matter how much you attenuate it and passes it intact to a low impedance output.
▹  Input impedance: 10Mohm
▹  Output impedance: 100ohm
▹  Input signal level: up to ~24Vpp
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a volume attenuator, NOT a power attenuator. Do not use it as a load between a power amp and a speaker.
*** Booster specifications ***
The active circuit consists of an input buffer (which is also the first boost stage, +6dB) and of a second stage with a variable amount of boost, controlled by the respective potentiometer (+30dB at max). Again the input impedance is high and the output impedance is low in order to maintain the signal's fidelity and clarity without coloring it.
▹  Input impedance: 10Mohm
▹  Output impedance: 100ohm
▹  Minimum Boost: +6dB
▹  Maximum Boost: +30dB
▹  Max input voltage swing: ~7.5Vpp
▹  Max output voltage swing: ~24Vpp

The device works with 9V power supply. However, a dedicated internal module converts the 9V single supply to dual rail voltage supply (+15,0,-15) in order to properly power the internal ICs for both the attenuator and the booster and provide maximum stability and headroom.
The high input impedance of both circuits combined with the very low output impedance ensures the best inter-connectivity with the rest of your gear while maintaining your signal's clarity & tone.

- Required supply: 9V (Polarity: negative tip)
- Current draw: 40mA
- Flat response on the whole span of the audio spectrum.