Variable Volume Attenuator (active, buffered)

Active, mono-signal, volume attenuator.
The active circuitry can easily handle signals up to 24Vpp (approx. +20dBu). It only requires a power supply of 9V , however a dedicated internal module converts the 9V single supply to dual rail voltage supply (+15,0,-15) in order to properly power its active circuit and provide maximum headroom at the input (~24Vpp).
The one and only potentiometer on the pedal let's you choose the level of attenuation: From 0dB at max position down to mute at min position.
The attenuator is buffered and it offers high input impedance and low output impedance in order to maintain the fidelity and tone of your audio signal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a volume attenuator, NOT a power attenuator. Do not use it as a load between a power amp and a speaker.
---- Technical specifications: ----
▹  Supply Voltage required: 9V DC (center negative) [Do not exceed recommended voltage!]
▹  Current draw: 20mA
▹  An internal circuit module provides the necessary Dual Rail voltage, for maximum headroom.
▹  Input signal level: up to ~24Vpp
▹  Input: 2MΩ
▹  Output: 100Ω
▹  Flat response on the whole span of the audio frequency spectrum.