FuzZ-2 Bass [V2.0] with Dry Blend, Mids-EQ, & Octave-up function

This is the 2nd Version of our classic FuzZ-2 Bass which was discontinued.
Bassists who need Fuzz also don't want to lose their tone. Now they've got both, more massive than ever!
"FuzZ-2 Bass" is a massive FuzZ specially designed for bass, with a unique character that squeezes growling dirt out of your amp. It delivers a tasty and massive fuzz effect and can produce a great variety of sounds and tones by just adjusting a couple of knobs.
Its blend circuit ensures that you’ll never miss your low end. An octave-up (fuzzed) function is also available in order to achieve a fuller spectrum and more massive fuzz effect. The Mids-EQ can be completely bypassed in case you want a different mids response.

Controls explained:
  • DRY: adjusts the level of DRY signal that reaches the output. The dry signal goes through the pedal unchanged and is not affected by any other of the pedal’s knobs.
  • WET: adjusts the level of the fuzzed signal.
  • TONE: adjusts the tone of the fuzzed signal, ranging from crunchy to totally dark.
  • MIDS EQ: This s actually a sort of sweepable notch filter. At minimum position the notch is at 214Hz and as you turn it clockwise it moves higher in spectrum while smoothing out gradually. At maximum position the notch is almost completely smoothed out with a slight dent at about 500Hz.
  • Toggle switch “bypass”: If you want to completely bypass the above MIDS-filter just turn this switch to the “bypass” position.
  • COMPRESS: This knob adjusts the amount of compression caused by the fuzz circuit. Increasing compression also increases the depth of the fuzz effect.
  • GAIN: Sets the intensity of the fuzz. At lower settings it might sound close to an overdrive.
  • OCT. foot-switch: when engaged it adds the fuzzed octave to the output producing a more massive result and a fuller spectrum. A slight boost to the volume is to be expected.
  • Toggle switch “Guitar”: If you ever want to use this pedal with a guitar this switch may help you make the pedal a little more “guitar friendly”. Additionally, turning the EQ toggle switch to the bypass position may also help.
 - True-bypass
- Required voltage: 9Volt DC
- Polarity: Center negative
- Current draw: 14mA
- Enclosure dimensions: 120 x 95 x 35mm (4.72 x 3.74 x 1.37in)
- Weight: 370gr
There is no special nomeclature behind "FuzZ-2 Bass"😛
It' was just named this way because it was our second attempt to create a really massive and versatile bass-fuzz.