Pedal Blender with external mute-dry control (custom KRAMA)

Pedal Blender with external mute-dry control
A customized version of the KRAMA V2.0 parallel loop blender. Capable of handling Line Level signals as well, up to ~24Vpp.
Specifications in brief:
▹ One parallel loop (Send, Return)
Dry blend
▹ Boost up to +6dB
Phase reverse for the parallel loop (after the return)
Mute-Dry function. Externally controlled via a latching switch connectable on the respective ¼” jack
▹ Standard TS jacks (6.35mm, ¼")
Internal dual rail supply circuit. It takes the 9V supply and produces a dual rail supply ±15V that provides you more than enough headroom.
▹ Current draw: 120mA
▹ It can handle higher line level signals, up to ~24Vpp without distorting.

This blender gives you the ability to split your signal, route it through a parallel loop and blend it together with your dry signal. The signal volume of the loop and the dry signal can be controled independently through the WET, DRY pots.

A phase reverse switch ensure that you will overcome any case of phase cancelation during the blending process when using pedals that reverse the phase. The phase reversal is applied after the signal enters the RETURN jack.

The pedal works with typical 9V power supply (center negative) that should be able to provide at least 120mA. Internally a separate circuit uses the 9V to produce a dual rail voltage supply ±15V that is necessary for the blender to work properly providing huge amounts of headroom, avoiding crosstalk and ensuring zero signal clipping even in high volumes.