Parallel Blender with remote kill dry & phase reverse

Custom Blender with remote "kill dry" function.
Specifications in brief:
▹ One parallel loop (send, return) ▹ Dry blend
Phase reverse for the parallel loop (after the return)
Mute-Dry (TS), controlled remotely with an external switcher (latching)
▹ Standard TS jacks (6.35mm, ¼")
▹ Input/Return impedance: 10Mohm
▹ Output/Send impedance: 100ohm
▹ Power Supply: 9-24V ---- (DO NOT exceed 24V)
▹ Current draw: 13mA @ 9V

With this parallel blender you can split your signal, route it through a parallel loop and blend it together with your dry signal. The signal volume of the loop and the dry signal can be controlled independently through the WET, DRY pots. The WET potentiometer controls the volume of the Return signal.

A phase reverse switch ensures that you will overcome any case of phase cancellation during the blending process when using pedals that reverse the phase. The phase reversal is applied after the signal enters the RETURN jack.

You can control the mute-dry function remotely with the use of any commercial switcher with latching relays. Connect your switcher to the TS input marked as “Dry Mute”

The blender works with typical 9V power supply (center negative) but it can take up to 24V in case you want more headroom

@9V –> headroom = ~8Vpp | @12V → headroom = ~11Vpp | @24V → headroom = ~23Vpp

Parallel Blender with remote kill dry Parallel Blender with remote kill dry Parallel Blender with remote kill dry