KRAMA II - Blender, Loop Selector (Κρᾶμα)

dpFX KRAMA II - Mixer, loop Selector, Blender ("Κρᾶμα")
Loop Blender, Loop Selector w/ phase reverse, Dry Blend & volume controls upto +6dB. Suitable both for bass & guitar.
Mix 2 different loops (A,B) in parallel, dial-in as much dry signal you want, control the mix-levels independently. It features separate phase reverse switches for each loop and can boost each signal (dry, A, B) up to +6dB. With a second footswitch you have the option of loop-selecting wth two possible options: (A or B) & (A or A+B).
Bassists will be able to use guitar pedals without loosing their low-end. All input and output jacks are placed on top to help you save space on your pedal-board.
  •  DRY: adjusts the level of dry signal (input) that goes to the output, it can boost the signal up to +6db
  • A Vol, B Vol: adjust respectively the levels of the A and B loop signal that goes to the output. It can boost each signal up to +6db
  • Phase reverse: Flipping toggle switche to the 180° position reverses the phase of the respective loop.
  • Loop selection: With the right footswitch you have the ability to select which loop or loops will be active: A or B and A or both A+B. With the toggle switch on the right you can preset the second option: B / A+B.
KRAMA-II is a multi-use, multi-functional tool that can be used:
  • as parallel LOOP MIXER: Send your signal into two separate loops (A & B), mix them with your dry signal, adjusting mix-levels independently.
  • as BLENDER: Blend the signals of three separate sources. Those can be either different instruments, pedal chains or a combination.
  • as SPLITTER: Split your signal without 'coloring' or degrading the original signal.

- To avoid hum, ground-loop buzz and other possible noises you should use an isolated power supply and avoid powering KRAMA with the same power cord that other pedals are powered.
- In case you use this pedal to send the output in more than one amps be sure not to create any ground-loops because it will most likely generate noise. If you need isolation check our isolated-output products.

▹ Voltage Required: DC 9-15 Volt (using 12 or 15 Volts will give you more headroom)
[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Max Current draw: 30mA (@ 9V)
▹ Input Impedance: 5MΩ
▹ Output Impedance: 100Ω
▹ Return loop input impedance: 1MΩ
▹ Send loop output impedance: 1kΩ
▹ All loops have common ground
▹ True Bypass
dpFX KRAMA II - Mixer, loop Selector, Blender ("Κρᾶμα") dpFX KRAMA II - Mixer, loop Selector, Blender ("Κρᾶμα") dpFX KRAMA II - Mixer, loop Selector, Blender ("Κρᾶμα")
KRAMA (Ancient Greek: Κρᾶμα) is the result of mixing two or more metals or other materials producing a somehow homogeneous mixture.