Blender for Custom tape delays, stereo

tape delay blender, stereo, custom tape delay

Custom device that offers the ability to split your signal and route it through a tape module (e.g. an old tape recorder) and blend the delayed signal with the dry one. Suitable both for instruments and synths. RCA jacks are used for the interconnection with the tape device. 

The blender can be used in either STEREO or MONO mode. In case you want to use it in mono-input-mode but still use the stereo output you can select the “mono” option with the toggle switch.

VOL: adjust the output volume
BLEND: blend ratio between the dry & the delayed signal. Ranging from 100% dry up to 100% delayed signal.
REPEATS: adjust the amount of delayed repeats.

▹ Input impedance: 200kΩ
▹ Output impedance: 100Ω
▹ In-from-tape impedance: 1MΩ
▹ Out-to-tape impedance: 100Ω
▹ The device is true-bypass.


Stereo to Μono mixer for guitars with stereo pickups
Stereo Effects Mixer, parallel

stereo tape delay blenderstereo tape delay blender, custom stereo tape delay blender custom tape delay blender, stereo