Stereo FX Loop controller / Parallel Blender

dpFX Stereo FX Loop controller
 Stereo FX Loop Blender / Controller.
 This is a custom FX Loop controller designed for use with stereo effects. All inputs and outputs are buffered. Phase reverse is available for the FX loop and a kill-dry function as well (through toggle switches on the side).

TS jacks for stereo IN & OUT (L+R)
TRS jacks for the FX Loop
Phase reverse switch for the FX Loop. It reverses the phase of the signal after the FX Return.
Kill-dry switch mutes the dry signal while keeping the FX Loop active.
▹ All inputs/outputs are buffered to avoid tone loss.
▹ Minimal current consumption. [ 22mA @ 9V ]
The diagram below explains how the device works:
dpFX Pedals - Stereo FX Loop controller diagram
Stereo FX Loop controllerStereo FX Loop controllerStereo FX Loop controllerStereo FX Loop controller