2 input Mixer with Filters (LPF & HPF)

2 input Mixer with Filters / THRU outputs / Phase Reverse
This 2 input mixer features two variable filters: a Low Pass filter (LPF, 220Hz-16.5kHz) and a High Pass Filter (HPF, 20Hz-300Hz) both with a 12dB/octave steepness. The filters are placed in series (LPF → HPF), both affecting the mixed signal and they can be fully bypassed by stepping on the foot-switch.
Each input (A, B) has its own dedicated volume knob and its own THRU-output which gives you the ability to route the original signals to a different chain of effects or another device. Additionally, a phase reverse switch is available for channel-A in order to help you overcome any phasing problems when mixing signals that are 180º out of phase.
The foot-switch gives you the ability to silently bypass the whole filter section (both the LPF & HPF) in real time.
The mixer can handle instrument level signals and higher line level signals as well. If you need more headroom you can use a power supply larger than 9V (max. 24V).
The very high impedance of the inputs and the very low impedance of the outputs ensures the best possible inter-connectivity with your gear and that your signal will maintain its clarity and tone.
Technical Specifications:
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω
  • LPF cut-off range: 220Hz-16.5kHz (12dB/oct)
  • HPF cut-off range: 20Hz-300Hz (12dB/oct)
  • Voltage Required: DC 9-24 Volt [Do not exceed recommended voltage!]
  • Polarity: Center Negative
  • Max Current draw: 14mA (@ 9V)
  • Enclosure dimensions: 120 x 95 x 37mm (4.72''x3.74''x1.45)
  • Weight: ~360gr