Headphones amp with THRU & Stereo/Mono selection

Use headphones to listen to your stereo/mono instrument signal.
This is a headphones amp that can be easily placed after your instrument or after any of your pedals or even between any of the effects in your chain without interfering or degrading your signal, giving you at the same time the ability to listen the audio through a pair of headphones. (check the flow chart below)

The headphones amp is equipped with a TRS input & a TRS THRU output, this way whatever signal is routed to its input can also be picked up by any other pedal you connect to the THRU output unaltered because of the very high input impedance of the amp’s buffer.
Headphones amp flow chart

- ST/M Toggle switch: allows you to select the type of signal (Stereo or Mono) that is being routed to the input. If you are working with a mono signal this toggle switch ensures that you will be hearing the same mono signal in both L+R channels of your headphones.
- Input Volume knob: can be used to attenuate the input signal if it’s too hot for the headphone amp and it causes distortion.
- Volume knob: sets the final volume of your headphones.

▹  Input impedance: 10Mohm
▹  Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt
▹  Polarity: Center Negative
▹  Typical current draw: 10~30mA (depends on volume setting)