Grezi-1968 fuzz

Grezi, garage fuzz
The ideal fuzz for garage, but not only...
Grézi-1968 is the perfect fuzz pedal for vintage ‘60s sounds and classic garage buzzing. Despite its vintage character it can also be used for more contemporary music styles from psychedelia to stoner/heavy rock tunes.

It is very responsive to your guitar's volume and tone controls so you can create a variety of sound textures on the fly without having to touch your pedalboard. It can vary from relatively mild to full ripping fuzz as you turn the fuzz-knob. 

The controls are pretty simple:
  • Vol.: Output level
  • Fuzz: Controls how blunt or sharp the fuzz is by actually blending the signal of two transistor stages. The range of the texture you can get with this knob is quite big offering some nice variety of tones.
  • Output impedance: It alters the way the pedal is passing the signal to the device you have connected to its output either this is another pedal or the amplifier. By altering the output impedance you can change the tone of the sound, taming some of the high frequencies.
  • Toggle switch: One position is the “normal sounding” and the other offer some more bass on the output.
Grézi is also able to do octave-up sounds, however it’s mostly dependable on your guitar and pick-ups. Try using your guitar's neck pickup and experiment with the tone control on your guitar, usually with the tone rolled off you’ll get some interesting results.

▹ True Bypass
▹ Voltage required: DC 9V [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity: Negative tip
▹ Current draw: 2mA
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 114 x 60  x 32 mm (4.43 x 2.38 x 1.22 in)
▹ Weight: 200gr

Nomenclature: "Grézi" (in Greek: "γρέζι") are the burrs that were produced from cutting or processing a pieceo of material, mostly metal. It is also used metaphorically to describe a harsh, rough sound or a throaty, grunt voice.