80s RIFFS, Distortion with Boost

80s RIFFS, Distortion with Boost
All the '80s crunchy gain you need!
If you are looking for that '80s-style rock sound then the 80s RIFFS MOSFET based circuit will definitely cover all your dirt needs.
The gain knob, combined with the 2-position toggle switch (2 gain settings) and the Bass/Treble EQ will offer you a great variety of sounds that extend from low gain bluesy, classic rock Marshall-sound up to a crunchy '80s hard rock sound with the flavor of a cranked JCM800.
The EQ controls allow for some great tone shaping between classic rhythm and lead sounds and provide you great flexibility ensuring that you'll find and dial in several vintage high gain hard rock sounds quite easily.
80s RIFFS is also equipped with an independent boost section which can be activated even when the distortion is in bypass mode. It's not a clean boost but it's more like a mild mids/treble boost with a slight gain-grit. If you have the distortion section activated and you step on the boost footswitch the boost is applied after the distortion in order to give you extra volume and mids boost. Be gentle with the boost knob because it offers lots of volume.

▹ Wide gain spectrum, with lots of gain at max.
▹ 2-position switch that offers two different gain/tonal options.
▹ Bass & Treble knobs for maximum flexibity.
▹ Lots of volume.
▹ Independent boost function. It works even when the distortion is bypassed.
▹ MOSFET based circuit
▹ Voltage required: DC 9V [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity: Negative tip
▹ Current draw: 10mA