ERIS Dual Distortion (Έρις)

dpFX Pedals, Eris dual distortion, Έρις
Two distortion pedals in one.
ERIS (Έρις) is a guitar pedal that embeds two different types of distortion, each with its own independant EQ & volume controls, in one pedal. The EQ controls are the simplest possible but offering versatility, flexibility and ease in finding your desired tone.
- The left side offers a more classic and vintage tone with the ability to vary its gain from mild warm overdriven sound up to 'hard rock' dirt. Its EQ offers tone control (t) and a high-cut filter (h.c.) that actively works in cooperation with the tone control allowing you to find your desired sound quickly without busting your head.
- The right side offers a more contemporary styled distortion sound with a lot more gain that can reach up to 'chugging' levels suitable for a big range of metal sounds. Its EQ is a dual parametric with Bass (B) and Treble (TR) control.
With the right footswitch you can choose which side of the pedal is active, and the respective LEDs are lit each time. The left footswitch is the bypass.

knob descriptions
LEFT side:
  • g: gain 
  • t: tone 
  • h.c.: high cut 
  • vol.:volume
RIGHT side:
  • G: gain 
  • B: bass 
  • TR: treble 
  • VOL: volume
▹ Voltage Required: DC 9-12 Volt
[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity: Negative tip.
▹ Max Current draw: 25mA
▹ True Bypass

dpFX Pedals, Eris dual distortion, Έρις dpFX Pedals, Eris dual distortion, Έρις dpFX Pedals, Eris dual distortion, Έρις
- Eris (Greek: Ἔρις) was a Goddess in Ancient Greece. She was daughter of Night (Νυξ) and Goddess of jealousy, strife, discord, brawl & chaos. Her opposite Goddess was Harmonia (Αρμονία).