ISKRA Guitar Overdrive (ИСКРА)

ISKRA Guitar Overdrive, ИСКРА гитара овердрайв
Smooth & warm guitar overdrive for general use.
ISKRA is suitable for blues and all range of rock music. It adds a classic tone characterized by smooth, plexi-like drive and nice sustain.

This is an overdrive that preserves your guitar tone and discretely enhances your mids so that your tone stays on top in the mix. It is remarkably responsive to the dynamics of your pick attack and the gain is easily adjustable even through your guitar volume pot. High input & low output impedance ensures perfect inter-connectivity with other pedal-effects without tone loss.
It is very simple in use as it employs three basic knobs and a toggle switch.
  • DRIVE (драйв): sets the amount of overdrive.
  • TONE (Тон): let's you choose the tone and the amount of highs being filtered.
  • VOL.: sets the output volume of the pedal.
  • Toggle switch: Position 1: smooth drive, original tone intact & very distinct. Position 2: more gritty & compressed, original tone less distinct
▹ Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt
[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity: Negative tip
▹Max Current draw: 10mA
▹ Input impedance: 3.3MΩ
▹ Output impedance: 100Ω
▹ True Bypass
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 114 x 60  x 32 mm (4.43 x 2.38 x 1.22 in)
ISKRA Guitar Overdrive, ИСКРА гитара овердрайв dpFX ISKRA Guitar Overdrive, ИСКРА гитара овердрайв dpFX ISKRA Guitar Overdrive (ИСКРА) dpFX ISKRA Guitar Overdrive (ИСКРА)
- ISKRA is the word "Spark" in Slavic ('ИСКРА').
- 'ИСКРА' was also a political newspaper of Russian socialist emigrants back in 1900 an its motto was: "From a spark a fire will flare up".