NTOYM (doom) dual distortion/fuzz

dpFX Pedals DOOM, NTOYM dual distortion
Your DOOM dreams coming true.
Do you want to play Doom? Sludge? Heavy rock? Stoner rock? Do you want to dive into more experimental Doom Drone or Dark Ambient stuff? NTOYM gives you solutions to whatever you choose to DOOM ;-)

The dpFX NTOYM is actually two pedals in one. The left side offers you all the amazing tones of the RAT® distortion boxes while the right side brings you the classic attitude of a Green Russian Muff® but with added flexibiliy regarding the MID frequencies because of the two extra EQ knobs M1 & M2 which affect the MIDs range. Both circuits have been tweaked for maximum compatibility and flexibility.

NTOYM is equipped with three footswitches:
The two footswitches on the right side, are placed closer together in case you want to step on both of them at once are those that engage each side.
With the third footswitch on the far left corner you can change the order that the two sides are stacked (left > right, right > left).


F: bass filter/tone
D: distortion gain
V: volume


G: gain
T: tone
M1: mids shaping (1 kHz)
M2: mids shaping (2 kHz)
V: volume
- There is a simple way to figure out which side is 1st or 2nd every time. Try turning the tone knob of each side and see which affects more drastically your sound, the one that does so is the side that is placed second.
- Try maximizing the volume of the side that is 1st and see how this affects the variety of the sounds you can produce. There is a chance that oscillations may occur when you are not picking the strings. BE CAREFUL: If you maximized the volume of the first side make sure you turn it back to normal before stepping on the far left footswitch ;-) for obvious reasons.

▹ True bypass
▹ Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt
[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity: Negative tip  
▹ Current consumption: 5mA
dpFX Pedals DOOM dual distortion dpFX Pedals DOOM dual distortion dpFX Pedals DOOM dual distortion dpFX Pedals DOOM dual distortion
'NTOYM' ('Nτουμ' in lowercase) is how the word DOOM written in Greek.