Variable Low Pass Filter 220Hz-16.5kHz

Variable Low Pass Filter 220Hz-16.5kHz
Searching for something that will help you "clean up" your harsh high end?

This is an active variable LPF that offers you the ability to select a cut-off frequency anywhere inside the range 220Hz-16.5kHz through its single knob. The filter’s curve is quite steep offering a 12dB/octave attenuation.

It’s the ideal device if you are looking to “clean-up” the harsh high end of your audio signal such as fret buzz, string noise, and higher harmonics or noise produced from other effects in your chain such as distortion pedals.
Alternatively you can use it to simulate the high frequency roll-off of speaker cabinets in case you’re experimenting with audio recording or your live setups.
Use it either with a guitar or a bass or even with synths and line level signals. If you need extra headroom you can always power the pedal with a voltage larger than the typical 9V. With the max supply voltage being 24V the device can offer a max headroom of about 22Vpp.
▹ Cut-off frequency range: 220Hz-16.5kHz (12dB/octave)
▹ Input impedance: 5Mohm
▹ Output impedance: 100ohm
▹ Voltage required: 9V (max 24V)  
▹ Polarity: Center Negative
▹ Approximate headroom vs supply voltage: 7Vpp@9V || 10Vpp@12V || 22Vpp@24V
▹ Current consumption: 5mA
▹ Weight: ~125gr
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 93 x 38 x 32 mm (3.66 x 1.49 x 1.26 in