Rack splitter/router with input/output selection

This is a custom splitter/router with FX Loop that can handle signals varying from instrument level up to higher line level.
It is equipped with 4 TS inputs, 4 TS outputs, 1 FX Loop (2xTS), a TUNER Out and a Balanced XLR-out. By using the respective rotary switch you can select which input and which output will be active each time. (check flow chart). It features high-impedance inputs (buffered with JFET, low noise op amps) that can be driven either by instruments (guitar, bass etc) or line level signals as well. The output impedance is very low, ensuring the best inter-connectivity with the rest of your gear.
The circuit is built around low noise, low distortion OP amps and is equipped with input filters in order to reject external RF interference. It requires a typical 9V power supply and it can take up to 24V (max). The higher the voltage the larger the available headroom:
Headroom vs supply:  ~6Vpp@9V | ~10Vpp@12V | ~16Vpp@18V | ~22Vpp@24V 
rack splitter flow chart
signal flow chart
 *** Technical Specifications ***
- Input impedance: 3.3MΩ
- Output impedance: 100Ω
- Balanced output impedance: 150Ω
- Flat Frequency response on the whole span of the audio spectrum.
- Required power supply: 9-24 Volt DC
- Current draw: 12mA @ 9V
- Enclosure dimensions: 19" 1U, 431x203x43mm 
- Weight: ~1055gr