4-input Blender-Router for use with Looper pedals (Loop Maestro 42)

Loop Maestro 42
LOOP MAESTRO 42 is a multifunctional blender / router with four (4) inputs, two (2) independent outputs (M & H), plus a send/return pair (Looper to/from) for looper connection. Each input has its own volume knob and so do the outputs M & H.

With each one of the four footswitches you can control how the input signals are routed and choose which input you're going to send to the looper or directly to the output.

LED ON: the respective input is routed to the looper
LED OFF: the input is routed directly to the ouputs M & H.
In every case the output of your looper (connected to jack:  “from Looper”) is mixed with the inputs that you choose. The flow-chart below explains how the pedal works in detail.
▹ Required power supply: 9-18Volt DC [Exceeding the recommended voltage could damage the circuit.]
▹ Polarity:  Negative tip
▹ Current draw: 25mA @ 9V
▹ Input impedance: 1MΩ  |  LP-in (from looper): 10MΩ
▹ Output impedance: 100Ω
▹ Weight: ~580gr.
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 242 x 127 x 52mm (9.50 x 5.0 x 2.04 in.)
Loop Maestro 42, Blender/Router for looper pedals Loop Maestro 42, Blender/Router for Looper Pedals Blender-Router for use with a Looper pedal Blender-Router for use with a Looper pedal Loop Maestro 42
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