Dual Impedance Changer (input & output)

  Dual version of our standard Impedance Changer.
Adjust the impedance between your interconnected effects or your instrument and your pedals.
With Dual Impedance Changer you have two circuits of our classic impedance changer (A, B) housed in one enclosure.
A pedal that helps you adjust the way that your instrument interacts with the pedals that follow or even change the way your effects interact with each other. It is suitable for bass, guitar or any other instrument with similar pickups.

The Impedance Changer is actually a sort of variable "buffer" circuit with two potentiometers give you the ability to select the input & output impedance  of the circuit.

A lot of effects that are available in the market (e.g. vintage designs, fuzzes, circuits with germanium transistors etc) have a quite low input impedance and that's what gives them their distinctive character, especially if you connect your instrument directly to their input. But this character and their "behavior" changes (often getting worse) if you change your instrument (e.g. when going from passive to active) or if you have a non-true-bypass, buffered pedal connected in front of it. That's where the Impedance Changer can offer you a solution.

With this pedal you can experiment and see how every one of your effects respond in different impedance values. The input imdedance knob changes the way the signal is picked up from the input and the output impedance knob changes the way the signal is picked up by the pedal that's next in the chain.
>>> You will be amazed on how lot's of effects, especially the ones that introduce distortionchange their character and their sound as you vary the output impedance of this pedal. <<<

Each footswitch (A,B) allows you to completely bypass the respective Impedance Changer circuit.

▹ Input impedance range: 1MΩ ~ 1kΩ
▹ Output impdeance range: 0 ~ 250kΩ
▹ True bypass
▹ Voltage required: 9V (max 18V)
▹ Polarity: Negative tip
▹ Current consumption:  3mA @ 9V
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 122 x 66 x 39.5 mm  [4.8 x 2.6 x 1.57 in]
▹ Weight: 290gr