KRAMA-3, Triple Loop Parallel Blender with Dry Mute & phase reverse

3-Loop parallel pedal blender
3 Loop Blender with 4 footswitches (A,B,C, Dry)
Specifications in brief:
▹ Three independent, parallel loops A, B, C
Dry blend. (Dry signal can be muted)
Phase reverse for each loop. 
4 footswitches for muting A, B, C, Dry
▹ Standard TS jacks (6.35mm, 1/4")
▹ Input impedance: 10MΩ (In, Return)
▹ Output impedance: 100Ω (Out, Send)
▹ Power Supply: 9-24V. / Polartiy: Negative Tip
▹ Current draw: 25mA
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 188 x 120 x 39 mm (7.40 x 4.72 x 1.53 in)
▹Weight: ~500gr
Below there is a flow-chart that explains the general idea:
KRAMA-3 flow chart, parallel blender, three loop
KRAMA-3 gives you the ability to split your signal, route it through three separate loops (A,B,C) and blend them all together with your dry signal. The dry volume and the volume of each loop can be controled independently through the pots A, B, C, DRY.

Three phase reverse switches ensure that you will overcome any case of phase cancelation during the blending process when using pedals that reverse the phase. The phase reversal is applied after the signal enters the RETURN jacks. 
KRAMA-3 works with typical 9V power supply (center negative) and it can take up to 24V (max). The higher the voltage the more the available headroom. ( ~6Vpp@9V | ~10Vpp@12V | ~16Vpp@18V | ~22Vpp@24V )
[Do not exceed 24V. It may damage the circuit.]
TIP:  KRAMA-3 can also be used as a three input mixer with volume control, phase reverse and mute ability. Just connect the three signals that you want to mix to the Returns A,B,C and take the resulting mixed signal from the output. A fourth signal can be connected to the Input as well. Always make sure to avoid any ground loops that could cause an audible hum.
3-Loop parallel pedal blender 3-Loop parallel pedal blender 3-Loop parallel pedal blender 3-Loop parallel pedal blender 3-Loop parallel pedal blender
KRAMA (Ancient Greek: Κρᾶμα) is the result of mixing two or more metals or other materials producing a somehow homogeneous mixture.