Olethros Preamp Pedal (Sunn Beta preamp) 1st version

dpFX OLETHROS Beta Lead premp in a pedal
- Όλεθρος - A preamp in a pedal. Based on the 'notorious' Sunn Beta series. (It can be built either as Beta Lead or Beta Bass, by custom request)
This is 1st version of our Beta preamp series.
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Just like the original, this pre-amp features two separate channels A&B that can be combined or used independently. Each channel has its own separate controls (triple EQ, Gain, Volume) and two footswitches allow you to switch between channels (A/B) or activate both at once (A+B). A bypass footswitch is also available. Each channel has its own FX Loop that can be used to connect effects of your choice.

You can connect OLETHROS directly to a power amp through the output jack and provide more than enough volume to satisfy your needs. Despite the fact that the VOLUME and MASTER pots in the original were Linear, we chose to use Logarithmic potentiometers in order to give you a better control of the volume, especially on lower settings which also gives you the ability to connect this pre-amp directly to an amp's input and use it as a pedal. Just make sure you stay in low volume levels.
An extra TUNER output has been added that stays always active, both in bypass mode or when the pre-amp is engaged. It's suitable for connecting your instrument tuner (not to be used as a THRU output).
A balanced output has been added and it's accessible through an XLR connector in case you need to route the pre-amp's signal through a balanced cable. The balanced output's level is not affected by the Master knob.
The pre-amp requires a 9Volt DC power supply that should be capable of providing at least 200mA of DC current. We have designed and added internally an extra circuit which produces the necessary voltages (+15, 0, -15) the pre-amp requires to work properly with the proper headroom and volume capabilities.

▹Two channels A, B, switchable through footswitches (A/B, A+B)
▹Separate controls (EQ, gain, volume) for each channel & Master volume control.
▹FX Loop for each channel (SNDA/RTNA, SNDB/RTNB)
▹TUNER output (always active, not to be used as a THRU)
▹Logarithmic potentiometers for the Vol. and Master to easily tame the massive amounts of volume and control the levels in lower volume settings making it easier for you to use Olethros not only as a pre-amp but as a pedal as well.
▹XLR Balanced Output. The Master knob doesn't affect the volume of this output.
▹Required Power supply: 9V DC. The circuit needs at least 200mA to work properly.
▹Polarity: Negative tip.

dpFX OLETHROS Beta Lead premp in a pedaldpfx_Olethros_beta_lead_preampdpfx_Olethros_beta_lead_preampOLETHROS beta preamp
OLETHROS (Greek: Όλεθρος) can be translated as 'ruination','destruction','devastation', 'destruction', 'annihilation'.
In Ancient Greek mythology Olethros was the personification of havoc and was probably related to the demons and spirits of combat and battle.