Olethros Beta Preamp Pedal

Beta Preamp Pedal by dpFX
- Όλεθρος -
Based on the legenadry Beta amplifiers by Sunn this pedal is actually the preamp in a pedal.

Just like the original, it will feature two channels A&B that can be combined or used indepedently.
Each channel has its own separate controls (triple EQ, Gain, Volume) and two footswitches allow you to select between A/B and A+B functions. A bypass footswitch will also be available.
XLR output is also a feature under consideration... ;-)

Things have slowed down due to the covid-19 situation which has affected every aspect of production worldwide. We're hoping to deliver you more good news in before the end of October 2020.

** Stay safe **
OLETHROS (Greek: Όλεθρος) can be translated as 'ruination','destruction','devastation', 'destruction', 'annihilation'.
In Ancient Greek mythology Olethros was the personification of havoc and was probably related to the demons and spirits of combat and battle.