Stentor Boost (old version)

dpFX Stentor Clean Boost, with Gain footswitch, (voltage doubler inside)
This version is discontinued.

This is the STENTOR Clean Boost, also equipped with a +Gain footswitch. It's probably one of the CLEANEST boosts you'll find out there that will allow you to boost your signal without coloring it. The pedal requires the typical 9V power supply but internally there is a voltage doubler that feeds the circuit with the necessary 18V ensuring crystal clear boost capabilities and more than enough headroom.
It's the ideal pedal if you want to push your amp harder than usual by keeping the boost ON all the time taking advantage of your amp's grit. Alternatively you can use it as a very clean boost whenever the occasion demands it.
To use it as 100% clean boost keep the Gain knob at minimum and use the Volume knob to adjust the amount of boost that suits your needs.
If you aren't interested in a 100% clean boost then you have two more options:
  • By using the Gain knob you can add some grit to your boosted signal plus some more fatness and volume.
  • By stepping on the +GAIN footswitch you instantly get a fat, harmonically rich, tube-like grit and enough volume to push your amp beyond the edge of breakup
Alternatively, you can always use it as a clean boost (keeping the gain knob at minimum) and whenever you want some slightoverdriven grit just step on the +GAIN footswitch and enjoy! Note: The +GAIN footswitch only works when the bypass footswitch is also engaged.

The internal votlage doubler and the exclusive use of FET transistors ensures great headroom, crystal clear boost and tasty tube-like grit when the gain is enabled. 
26dB  boost when volume knob is at max
31dB boost when +Gain footswitch is engaged & the gain knob is at minimum
33dB boost when +Gain footswitch is engaged & the gain knob is at maximum
▹ Voltage supply required: 9V (DO NOT EXCEED!) There is a voltage doubler inside (+18V)
▹ Polarity: Negative Tip
▹ Current draw: 16mA
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 122 x 66 x 39.5 mm  [4.8 x 2.6 x 1.57 in]
- Stentor (in Greek: Στέντωρ) was a herald of the Greek forces during the Trojan War. Stentor is mentioned briefly by Homer (in Iliad) as the man whose "voice was as powerful as fifty voices of other men" encourages the Greeks to fight.
Elsewhere, Stentor is said to have died after losing a shouting contest with Hermes.
Stentor's story is the origin of the term "stentorian", meaning loud-voiced, for which he was famous.