2 Loop Switcher with Ground Lifts, true-bypass

Dual Loop effects switcher true bypass
Dual Loop Switcher with Ground Lifts
▹ Switch between two separate effects loops
▹ Take noisy pedals out of the signal chain
▹ Give any pedal true-bypass switching ability
▹ Break ground loops on each on of the its FX-Loops (via the ground lifts)
▹ Double your amp's FX Loop capacity.
▹ LEDs indicate which effects loops are active
This Dual Loop Switcher is a foot-controllable device that allows a musician to insert a series of effect pedals into the signal chain and take them out when not in use. Two separate loops make it easy to prepare complex pedal setups in ‘standby’ and activate them with a single foot stomp. Also, any old (and tone sucking) or noisy effects can now be taken out of the signal chain when not required. The two loops (1 & 2) are in series.
The switcher features a 100% passive audio circuit, without any buffering or loading of its own. Power supply is only needed for the LEDs to light, the switcher will also work without power. True-bypass switching guarantees the full natural tone of your instrument is always delivered to the amp.

- Loop footswitches: Each loop features its own true bypass footswitch. When the footswitches are in their bypass position (LEDs off), the instrument signal passes through the switch as if hardwired. Depressing the LOOP-1 footswitch diverts the signal to the SEND-1 jack and to the effect pedals in that loop. The signal is received back through the RETURN-1 jack and passed on to the LOOP-2 footswitch where the process is repeated using the SEND-2 and RETURN-2 jacks. Note that the two loops are in series so the instrument's signal will pass through effect pedals in LOOP-1 before pedals in LOOP-2.

- Ground lift switches: Each effects loop on the Switcher is equipped with a ground lift switch. This disconnects the circuit ground at the RETURN jack. If you encounter buzz or hum, lifting the circuit ground can sometimes help eliminate or reduce noise.

- Using the Loop Switcher in an amplifier’s effects loop: Since the Switcher has a passive circuit, it can be safely used in your amp’s effects loop. This will effectively double the amp’s effects loop capacity. To use it in your amplifier’s effects loop, simply connect the amplifier’s effect send to the Switcher's input. Then connect the Switcher's output to the amp’s effect return. Connect any number of effect pedals to the Switcher's SEND and RETURN jacks as described above.