5-Loop BOX, true bypass effects switcher

dpFX LOOP BOX (effects switcher)
Loop boxes of any kind can be built on demand, in the enclosure of your choice.
▹ Turn on/off multiple effects at once. Add true bypass capability to any effect.
▹ Loops are grounded when they are off.
▹ Power supply is only required for the LEDs to lit up. The Loop Box doesn't require supply to operate.
▹ LEDs in the DC jack designate that the power supply is on. 
▹ IN and OUT jacks are optically different from the rest loop jacks to help you locate them visually.
 In the photos a 5-loop box is shown: Enclosure Dimensions: 70 x 254 x 34.5mm (WxLxH)
5 foot-switches, one for each loop. An LED is lit up for each loop when it is active.
dpFX LOOP BOX (effects switcher) dpFX LOOP BOX (effects switcher) dpFX LOOP BOX (effects switcher)