Tails Bypass Looper (active)

Tails bypass looper
Tails Bypass Looper
Tails Bypass Looper offers you the ability too add tails (aka trails) to any of your time-based effects. Which means that you can bypass e.g. your delay and still be able to hear the repeats fading.
The looper is active and has unity gain (no volume loss) with buffered inputs/outputs in order to maintain your tone intact.
Just connect your time-based effect to the Send/Return loop and with the footswitch you can bypass it anytime you see fit keeping the tails in the mix along with your dry signal. 
Check the flow-chart below for a more detailed explanation of the pedal's function.
trails looper flow chart
Flow Chart
Input impedance: IN=360kΩ, RTN=200kΩ
Output impedance: SND/OUT: 100Ω
Voltage Required: DC 9-18 Volt (18V gives you more headroom)
Polarity: Negative tip
Max Current draw: 6mA @ 9V
▹ Enclosure dimensions: 114 x 60  x 32 mm (4.43 x 2.38 x 1.22 in)