Stutter Switch (stereo/mono)

dpFX Pedals - Stutter Switch (stereo/mono) for two FX loops
Momentarily mute & Stutter effects (stereo or mono)

This is a Stutter Switch with two independent and isolated FX Loops (no common ground between the loops). You can use it either for Stereo or Mono Effects (TRS or TS jacks).

The dual Stutter Switch allows you to momentarily mute your signal in two different loops of your choice independently and create stutter and manual tremolo-like effects on the fly. No power supply is needed.

- Stutter effects pedals (stereo or mono)
- Momentarily mute your signal

- 6.35mm IN/OUT stereo jacks (TRS & TS compatible) for either STEREO or MONO mode.
- Momentary footswitches
- Dimensions [L x W x H] - [3.65" x 1.52" x 1.22"] - [ 93 x 39 x 31 mm ]
- No power supply required