Stereo Pedal Mixer (old version)

Stereo Pedal mixer, stereo effects blender
This is the discontinued old version of the Stereo Pedal Mixer.
 -> Check the new version here <-
The dpFX Stereo Effects Mixer is a parallel mixer designed for stereo pedals & pedalboards. It can be used as a summing box that can take up to 3 stereo signals and combine them into a single stereo output.
It features high-impedance JFET inputs that can be driven by instruments (guitar, bass etc) or line level signals as well. It makes use of low distortion, low noise op amps and each input has a volume knob that goes from mute, up to +6dB gain. A master-volume knob is also available that adjusts the output volume.
The output and all inputs are stereo, suitable for TRS Jacks (6.35mm) but the mixer can also be used in mono-mode simply by pluging mono-jacks in the inputs & the output. You can also mix stereo and mono inputs as long as you use a stereo output.
(when mixing mono and stereo inputs the mono inputs appear on the L-left channel of the stereo output). Two momentary soft switches allow you to mute either L or R channel momentarily.

▹ Voltage required: DC 9-18 Volt (higher voltage gives you more headroom)
[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
▹Current draw: 18mA @ 9V
▹ Input impedance: ~5MΩ
▹ Output impedance: 100Ω
▹ The mixer is always ON when power is connected (external LED is lit when ON)

Possible use:
- Run Stereo Effects in parallel.
- Connect multiple instruments to one amp
- Combine parallel effects chains.
- Send three stereo channels into one output.

Stereo Pedal mixer, stereo effects blender Parallel Stereo Pedal mixer, stereo effects blender Parallel Stereo Pedal mixer, stereo effects blender