Fender Twin Reverb 2-button footswitch (RCA)

Footswitch for the Fender Twin Reverb amplifier (RCA version).
This a 2-button foot-switch suitable for the Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers that have RCA connectors on the back for switching 2 functions (Reverb & Vibrato).
The cable is of high quality and fully shielded in order to protect against any external interference that could induce noise to the amp's circuit.

The foot-switch doesn't require power for its primary operation. However the LEDs that have been added require the typical 9V pedal power supply (center negative).

  • Handpainted aluminum enclosure 
  • Enclosure dimensions: 114x60x32mm (4.43x2.38x1.22in)
  • Cable length: 5m (~ 16.4 feet)
  • Durable, latching foot-switches.
  • Indicative LEDs for each foot-switch.