BluesBaby45 footswitch (Award Session BB45-HH)

Footswitch for the Award Session BluesBaby45 amplifier.
This is a two button footswitch housed in a small enclosure, suitable for the BB45-HH Award Session amplifer.
For the connection with the amplifier a TRS cable is required (not included).
The footswitch doesn't require a power supply to work, it only needs supply to power the LEDs

Enclosure dimensions: 
inches: 4.4 x 2.3 x 1.2 in
mm: 113 x 60 x 31 mm

- Cable is NOT included.
- No power supply required for the switcing function
- 9V DC is required if you want LED signaling.
- Toggle switches are available to set the LED mode (lit when ON or OFF)
- Handpainted aluminum enclosure
- Quality, durable footswitches.