Rockerverb & Beta Lead controller

dpFX rockerverb & beta lead switcher
Orange Rockerverb & Sunn Beta Lead bi-amp rig controller.
This controller has two CTL inputs (TRS) that can be connected to the CTLs of a Boss-ES-5 switcher (or other similar switcher) and offers the ability to simultaneously switch channels (A/B) and control the reverb function of a Rockerverb and a Beta Lead amp at the same time.
Check the sketch on the last photo for more info.
This device can be controlled by latching relay switched triggers of commercial switchers. For example: BOSS-ES-5  /  BOSS MS-3  /  JOYO PXL Pro  /  TC-Electronic "G-System"  /  LINE6 HELIX or to a similar switcher that is equipped with latching relay switched outputs.

Details & speicifications:
▹ 2 TRS inputs that connect to the CTLs of your switcher.
▹ 2 TS outputs for connecting to the Orange Rockerverb (channel & reverb switching)
▹ Cable with circular connector for the connecting to the Sunn Beta Lead
▹ Authentic circular connector: type 206060 + 206062
▹ Cable length: anything you require
▹ Cable type: Shielded 4-core cable
▹ Indicative LEDs for channel & reverb functions.
▹ No power supply required
▹ Available in any kind of enclosure that suits your needs, just send us a message.
Dimensions of the one shown in photos: 110 x 58 x 30mm (WxLxH), in inches: 4.3"x2.3"x1.2" )
rockerverb & beta lead bi-amp rig switcherrockerverb & beta lead bi-amp rig switcherdpFX rockerverb & beta lead switcher sketch