Matrix Mixer 4x4, AC Coupled, Active

Matrix Mixer 4x4, AC Coupled
PINAX Matrix Mixer 4x4
This is an active 4x4 Matrix Mixer with switches for unipolar/bipolar mode for each output column. The device's inputs & outputs are AC-coupled and designed to actively reject any kind of crosstalk between them.
It is suitable for instruments (guitar, bass, etc), synths, eurorack signals and any kind of line level signals.

Unipolar mode: In this mode all pots feeding the respective output behave in regular fashion, that is when the knob is fully counter-clockwise, no signal from the associated input passes into the mix. As the knob is advanced clockwise, a greater portion of the signal passes into the mix. (At max position there is unity gain.)

Bipolar mode (phase reversal): In this mode, each knob has a zero position mid-way through it's travel. Turning the knob anti-clockwise will add an increasing portion of a negative (phase inverted) version of the signal at the corresponding input, while turning the knob clockwise will add an increasing portion of the original signal to the mix.

The mixer works with standard 9V pedal power supplies which internally is converted to dual rail supply (-15V,0,+15V) in order to achieve greater stability and maximum headroom for the ICs inside.
TS 6.35mm inputs & outputs
▹ Input impedance: 1Mohm
▹ Output impedance: 330ohm
▹ Required power supply: 9V (polarity: negative tip)
▹ Available headroom: ~26Vpp (21.5dBu)
▹ Current Draw: 100mA
▹ Enclosure dimensions:  188 x 120 x 39 mm (7.40 x 4.72 x 1.53 in)
▹ Weight: ~750gr