Patch bay for pedalboards

4-Way Jack Patch Module with AC-socket.
Details & specifications:
▹ 4 inputs / 4 ouputs fully isolated
▹ Compatible with 6.35mm (1/4") plugs both stereo (TRS) and mono (TS).
▹  AC Socket: IEC 60320, type: C14 (E)
▹ Every pair of sockets is isolated and there is no common ground between any of them.
▹ No power supply needed

Enclosure Dimensions: 
in mm: [ 152 x 83 x 51 ]
in inches: [ 5.98 x 3.25 x 2.00 ]

 Ιmportand Note:  although the Module could technically handle lower wattage amps, it is not recommended for use with powered signals (ie. between amplifier and speaker cabinet)
Patch bay for pedalboards Patch bay for pedalboardsPatch bay for pedalboardsPatch bay for pedalboards