Multi-EQ (old version)

Multi-EQ preamp - 5 EQs from known amps
This version is DISCONTINUED.
FET-based preamp followed by 5-EQs, each taken from a well known amplifier, each one with its respective EQ controls

1. Fender Twin Reverb
2. Marshall JCM 800
3. VOX AC30
5. Ampeg B15


The preamp can be used on it's own or as a post-distortion tool, placed last in your chain just before your amp. Its headroom gives you the ability to hit it hard with hot, distorted signals and take advantage of each one of the 5 EQs.
A rotary switch allows you to select which of the 5 EQs will be used. The 6th position of the switch offers a flat response of the FET preamp and can also be used as a very powerfull boost for your pedal chain.

The FET preamp is powered with 18V by an internal voltage doubler in order to provide you more than enough headroom and can provide a slight tube-like grit when you start to turn it clockwise.
A toggle switch gives you the ability to set the premp in a slightly higher gain setting which is actually a sort of mild overdrive resembling a tube that is softly driven beyond the edge of break-up, so the amount of dirt can be easily controlled by changing the dynamics of your picking.

A boost footswitch with a dedicated boost-knob allows you to give a push to your volume in real time in case you need it. Just make sure you have the volume knob set in unity gain in order to take advantage of the full boost capabilities.

▹ Voltage required: 9V DC - (internal voltage doubler converts it to 18V)  // DO NOT exceed 9V supply. //
▹ Polarity: Negative tip
▹ Current Draw: 14mA
▹ Enclosure dimensions:  188 x 120 x 38 mm ( 7.4 x 4.72 x 1.46 in)
▹ Weight: ~760gr