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KRAMA - multi-functional blender/splitter ("Κρᾶμα")

Bassists will be able to use guitar effects without losing their low end.

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Krama Blender Splitter

BLEND or SPLIT your signal. Combine loops, use multiple amps & pedal chains, control the mix-levels independently.

This pedal is a multi-use, multi-functional tool that can be used:
  • as LOOP MIXER: Send your signal into two separate loops (A & B), mix them with your dry signal, adjusting mix-levels independently.
  • as BLENDER: Blend the signals of three separate sources. Those can be either different instruments, pedal chains or a combination.
  • as SPLITTER: Split your signal into three equal outputs without 'coloring' or degrading the original signal's volume.

The above functions can be combined in many different ways, offering increased functionality and versatility.

  • DRY knob: adjusts the level of dry signal (input) that goes to the output.
  • A, B knobs: adjust respectively the levels of the A and B loop signal that goes to the output.
  • TOGGLE switch: choose with loop is mixed with the dry input: only A, only B or both A+B.

EXPERIMENT further: Connect two pedal-chains in loops A & B and a third pedal-chain to the OUPUT jack. Using only the bypass foot-switch you can switch on/off both chains (A & B) at once and always keep the third chain active.

Power Supply Polarity dp effects
Power Supply Polarity

- Voltage Required: DC 9-15 Volt

(using 12 or 15 Volts will give you more headroom)

[Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]

- Max Current draw: 35mA


- To avoid hum, ground-loop buzz and other possible noises you should use an isolated power supply and avoid powering KRAMA with the same power cord that other pedals are powered.

- In case you use this pedal to send the output in more than one amps be sure not to create any ground-loops because it will most likely generate noise. If you need isolated outputs check this product: isolated buffer/splitter.