Sunn Concert Bass footswitch (RCA)

dpFX Sunn Concert Bass footswitch (RCA)
A foot-switch that allows you to control the Distort, the Boost function of a Sunn Concert Bass that has RCA plugs on the back.

The footswitch can be built with custom specs of your choice (enclosure, color, cable length).

Details & typical specifications:
Cable type: RCA plug x2, double Shielded, nickel plated
Cable length: 4~5 meters (aprox. 16.1~16.4ft).
Switches: 2 Latching foot-switches
▹ Enclosure shown in photos: 1590BB. Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 36 mm, [4.7" x 3.7" x 1.34"]
▹ We can also house it in a smaller enclosure, type: 1590BDimensions: 114 x 60 x 32 mm (4.43 x 2.38 x 1.22 in)