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NEMESIS+ Guitar Distortion / Fuzz ("Νέμεσις+")

Explore your creativity! Create countless tones with this ultra-versatile pedal.

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dpFX Nemesis+ fuzz

Dual gain distortion/fuzz pedal for high gain freaks, with triple parametric EQ, and resonance control with wide frequency scan range which can be used as wah effect. A pedal that can vary its gain from high gain distortion to extreme fuzz. Triple band EQ combined with an active resonance filter with controllable sharpness and very wide frequency range.
Nemesis+ also features an expression input so that you can control the frequency scan with an expression pedal or a volume pedal which will give you the ability to use it as a wah.

  • LO, MID, HI: parametric equalizer for Low, Mid and High frequency adjustment
  • FREQUENCY: select the frequency that the resonance happens.
  • Expression input: Connect and expression pedal or a volume pedal to this input and you will have the ability top control the frequency scan function giving you an effect similar to wah.
  • Exp. toggle switch: Turn it to the "exp." position in case you connect an expression pedal to the expression input.
  • SHARPNESS TOGGLE switch: select the sharpness of the resonance, High/Low
  • SHARP: fine tune the sharpness of the resonance.
  • GAIN TOGGLE switch: select HI or LOW gain mode.
  • GAIN pot: sets the gain, it can vary from simple distortion to extreme fuzz.

Power Supply Polarity dp effects
Power Supply Polarity

- Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
- Max Current draw: 60mA