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Foot-switch for "Sunn Beta Lead" amplifier

A foot-switch for the legendary Sunn Beta Lead amp.
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dpFX footswitch for Sunn Beta Lead amplifer

This is a triple foot-switch that allows you to control the two channels and the reverb function of a Sun Beta Lead amplifier.
- 3 latching foot-switches.
- Cable length: 8meters (~26.2ft)
- Cable type: Shielded 4-core cable
- Authentic circular connector: type 206060-1 + 206062-1

- The LEDs match the color of the authentic Sunn Beta Lead foot-switch
YELLOW for "both channels" / RED for "channel A" / GREEN for "channel B"

- Dimensions: 188 x 119 x 33mm (WxLxH) [ in inches: 7.4"x4.7"x1.3" ]