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ECHIDNA BASS Overdrive ("Έχιδνα")
Overdrive based on FET technology, equipped with clean blend and capable of reaching up-to slight distortion levels.
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dpFX Echidna Bass Overdrive

Compact, yet aggressive. Aggressive yet mild. The ECHIDNA Bass Overdrive makes use exclusively of FET technology to produce a smooth drive effect with a tasty tube-like harmonic content. The absence of clipping diodes and the use of several cascading JFET & MOSFET stages ensure a quite dynamic behaviour and crystal clear tone. Gain control varies from a clean 'biting' to heavier overdrive and if you crank it up it can reach up to slight distortion levels. Blend control allows you to mix the clean signal preserving your tone and low end.

Knobs explained:
  • g: sets the amount of gain.
  • t: controls the tone of the overdriven signal only. The dry signal stays unaffected.
  • b: Blend control. On the far left position you have only the dry signal. Turning it clockwise you blend it with the ovedriven.
  • v: sets the output volume

Power Supply Polarity dp effects
Power Supply Polarity

- Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
- Max Current draw: 15mA