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ECHIDNA BASS Overdrive ("Έχιδνα")
Tube-simulating overdrive equipped with CLEAN BLEND and capable of reaching up-to distortion levels.
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Compact, yet aggressive. Aggressive yet vintage. ECHIDNA Bass Overdrive simulates a high-wattage overdriven tube-amp that let's you get some nice growling filth out of your own amp.
Gain control varies from a clean 'biting' overdrive to heavier overdrive and if you crank it up it can reach up distortion levels. CLEAN blend allows you dial in as much dry signal you want, even get a boosted version of your original dry signal.
Tone control affects only the overdriven signal and lets your dry signal pure and untouched.
  • GAIN: sets the amount of overdrive.
  • TONE: controls the tone of the overdriven signal ONLY. The dry signal stays unaffected.
  • CLEAN: dials in dry signal and blends it with the overdriven.
  • VOL: sets the output volume