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ACHERON - Bass Overdrive ("Αχέρων")

Make your amps "growl" without losing your fat low-end tone!

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Spice up your bass by adding some dirt without losing your FAT low-end. From a slight tasty grind, up-to massive fat growl. 'Acheron' responds in a wonderful way to the dynamics of your picking. A BOOST foot-switch with controllable amount of boost (through the boost-knob) allows you to boost-up your volume and dirt in real time.
A CLEAN-blend function allows you to dial in as much of your dry signal as you want.
  • big knob: amount of overdrive gain.
  • DRY: dial-in your dry signal
  • WET: dial-in the overdriven signal
  • TONE: controls the active low-pass filter of the circuit and sets the amount of high frequencies in your output. It only affects the 'wet' signal
  • BOOST: sets the amount of boost that you get when you step on the "BOOST" footswitch.
  • BOOST foot-switch: when engaged it boosts your drive and volume (controlled by BOOST knob)
  • toggle switch: select between 3 (I,II,III) different tone styles for the 'wet' (overdriven) signal
    more high-mids & treble, II. more mids III. more low-mids
    (the effect of this function and how drastic it is depends on your instrument as well)

Power Supply Polarity dp effects
Power Supply Polarity

- Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
- Max Current draw: 25mA