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Sunn Beta Lead controller, relay switched

A remote controller that interfaces with commercial switchers.
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dpFX controller for Sunn Beta Lead

This is a remote controller that allows you to control the two channels and the reverb function of a Sunn Beta Lead amplifier. It is also compatible with Sunn Beta Bass.

This device can be controlled by latching relay switched triggers of commercial switchers. For example, by connecting it to:

- the triggers of a JOYO PXL Pro
- the Relay Outputs (SW OUT) of a TC-Electronic "G-System"
- the CTL OUT 1/2 Output of a BOSS MS-3
- the EXT AMP Output of a LINE6 HELIX

or to a similar switcher that has available latching relay switched outputs.

- 3 mono inputs, one for each function (A+B, A/B, reverb).
- Cable length: anything you require
- Cable type: Shielded 4-core cable
- Authentic circular connector: type 206060-1 + 206062-1
- The LEDs match the color of the authentic Sunn Beta Lead foot-switch
YELLOW for "both channels" / RED for "channel A" / GREEN for "channel B"

- Available in any kind of enclosure that suits your needs, just send us a message.
Dimensions of the one shown in photos: 110 x 58 x 30mm (WxLxH), in inches: 4.3"x2.3"x1.2" )

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