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Footswitch for "Sunn Concert Lead" amplifier

A footswitch for the legendary Sunn Concert Lead amp.
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footswitch for Sunn Beta Lead

This is a triple foot-switch that allows you to control the Distort, the Boost and the Reverb function of a Sunn Concert Lead that has RCA plugs on the back
(check photos for an example)

- Cable type: RCA plug x3,both sides, double Shielded, nickel plated
- Cable length: 5 meters (aprox. 16.4ft)
The cable can be disconnected from the enclosure (RCA plugs)
- Switches: 3 Latching foot-switches

ENCLOSURE type: 1590BB+1590A (side by side, screwed together).
Dimensions: 155 x 90 x 33mm (WxLxH), in inches: 6.1"x3.5"x1.3" )

The above enclosure choice was a custom request, we can house it in any enclosure you want.

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