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CHRONOS Dual-Delay w/ Analog modulation

A/D hybrid delay (tape delay simulation) 600msec w/ dual settings store ability, analog modulation and self oscillation capability.

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CHRONOS dual delay

CHRONOS Dual-delay is a variation of the classic CHRONOS delay that features an extra function of 'storing' two different delay/feedback settings giving you the ability to switch between them through a foot-switch.
This is an A/D hybrid delay (600msec) with analog modulation effect and self-oscillation capability. It has a very natural and clean sound with feedback that simulates tape delay units as the repeats decay in a very natural way. Your dry signal goes through the pedal in a totally analog way, remaining intact.
The modulation effect is switched ON/OFF through a toggle switch and it is applied on the time-delay creating a ripple-effect. The modulation frequency is controlled through the "Hz" knob and a LED flashes in that frequency.
Suitable both for clean & distorted signals.

  • DELAY: adjust time delay up to 600msec
  • FDBK: feedback, adjusts the number of repeats. If set after the 3/4 position the circuit self-oscillates producing endless loops.
The above knobs exist in two pairs [delay-1 / fdbk-1] & [delay-2 / fdbk-2]. Each pair is activated seperately with the footswitch on the right, allowing you to switch between them instantly.
  • MIX: adjusts the level of delayed signal that is mixed in analog way with your dry signal.
  • MASTER: adjusts the master volume of the output. It also works as a slight boost.
  • MODULATION switch: toggle on/off the analog modulation. The modulation is applied on the delay-time, creating a ripple-effect.
  • Hz: selects the modulation frequency (the LED flashes on the selected frequency)
  • Right Footswitch: switches between the two stored settings.

# two more versions of CHRONOS Delay are also available: light & full

Power Supply Polarity dp effects
Power Supply Polarity

- Voltage Required: DC 9 Volt [Do not exceed recommended voltage! It may damage the circuit.]
- Max Current draw: 75mA